About Kidney Dialysis

Your life depends on you having a GOOD Dialysis!  Although many things affect your lifespan and how you feel, getting a good dose of dialysis is one of the essential basics.  Your dialysis team is committed to giving you the best possible treatment every time.  You can do your part by using these 4 keys to good dialysis:

1.  Learn why you need good dialysis – Good Dialysis gives you a sense of well being, more energy and endurance, improves appetite, better sleep,  less itching, fewer hospital stays and longer life.

2.  Know your numbers – When you are on dialysis you will be having your blood checked at least monthly so your team knows how well your dialysis is working and can also see if you are eating the right foods.

3.  Get your FULL treatment with URR > 65% EVERY time – Going to treatment and completing your treatment are two of the essential basics. Your dialysis treatment replaces only 15% of the kidney function you have lost.  This is why every minute of dialysis is important.  Go to EVERY treatment and STAY for a FULL treatment!

4.  Take good care of your access – Your access provides a way for blood to flow from your body to the dialysis machine and from the dialysis machine back to your body.

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